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Birthday Surprise

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My OH very thoughtfully booked me on a Precious Metal Clay course for my birthday. I have been looking at different courses over the last year but havent had the money to go ahead and book so when he presented with the course voucher I was so pleased!

I rocked up at the course centre (parked in the wrong car park and got subtely told off my the house owner - very funny but embaressing) and settled myself in for the day. The lady who ran the course couldnt have been more friendly and she made me and the other 5 attendees feel very relaxed and at home. She began by telling us all about the different types of Metal Clay and then how they can be used. She then went on to show us some designs she had made and I remember thinking, wow I will never be that good! After a couple of hourse tuition it was time to have a go ourselves. We had a couple of hours to make anything we wanted using our 16g of clay and then it all had to go in the kiln to be fired. I kept it very simple and made things that I knew I would then want to make to sell but other people went mad and made multi layered pendants and intricate designs. I was very impressed and wish I had the guts to do something similar. So anyway our pieces were fired and then we cleaned them up. I was in a bit of desbelief that the piece of clay I had been working with would produce something in Fine Silver once fired but when we had cleaned I was amazed. 

 pmc-collection pmc heart studs pmc pendant pmc-earrings

Of course I came back home, spent a small fortune on supplies and am now waiting for the time to actually sit down and make something.

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